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This is an apron printed with my original artwork, with lovely purple straps to match! 


This series of floral paintings incorporates my love of linework mixed with abstract washes, plus handwriting - relevant nature factoids and a quote from a famous poet. I've titled this painting with the poet's name.


Flowers are fragile and short-lived, but also infallibly cyclical, which is a comfort. Seasonal flowers remind us to celebrate life’s beauty and transience while we can.  


Please see the last 2 photos for close-ups of the handwriting visible on this apron! 

Ralph Waldo Emerson (hydrangeas) - Apron



    The perfect medium sized apron for that amazing cook in your life, even if that cook happens to be you!

    • Dimensions: 30" tall x 26" wide
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Waist String: 34.5"
    • Care: Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle, and line dry
    • Do not bleach
    • Printed in the USA

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