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The perfect accessory for you or for your awesomely snarky BFF!


This is an enamel pin of my original "Hang in there, bitch" artwork, with a delicious red velvet donut. 

Whether it's a birthday, a breakup, job woes, or they're just feeling "over it" for whatever reason, the lucky wearer can focus on this delightful snack and it will all be okay.


My illustration was used as the thumbnail for a Huffington Post article about "Awesome Valentine's Day Cards for Every BFF" on Etsy. :D

Hang In There, Bitch (donut) - Enamel Pin

SKU: 124-P

    An enamel pin of my original artwork!

    What you'll get:

    ★ An offset printed pin outlined in shiny silver metal

    ★ 1.25" H x 1" W

    ★ With a silver metal back clutch

    ★ Epoxy Coating for shine

    ★ Packaged on a cute info card, perfect for gifting!

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