A lovely -and big!- blank Moleskine journal, which I hand-paint with an original pen-and-ink composition of pens, squid, and an ink jar...plus a few artful ink splatters.  


Won't you have fun jotting down your thoughts, notes, lists, and sketches in such a sweet journal? Also makes a lovely gift for your favorite writer/dreamer/list-maker.


I put a small signature and decoration on the back inside cover, which also has a pocket, and package your journal inside a protective cellophane sleeve with a little info tag, suitable for gift-giving. 


* Please allow 3-5 business days for me to paint these by order.  I hand-paint each journal with this design, so yours might not be the exact one used in the photos above, but it will be almost identical. :) *


When you check out, please choose which color squid you would like: red, turquoise, orange, or black.  The other items - the ink jar and two pens - will be a harmonious mix of those same colors (see the photos above for possible combos)!  

Hand-painted Squid Moleskine Journal

Squid Color