My "Torner Corner" pieces are fun little abstract paper paintings that are explorations of color, shape, and mark-making.  Each one has a place where the paper is torn, showing a layer below that's painted a sparkly color, so there's a fun element of depth.


This is an original painting and there aren't prints or cards of it, so it's completely one of a kind! 


The piece is already framed so you can display it right away.  Hang it on a nail on the wall or standing up on a tabletop, AND you can display it in whichever orientation you like best.  


Please note that there's no glass on these paintings (just the frame and paper) so you'll always be able to see the paper texture and glittery places easily. :D


Pen and ink on watercolor paper, with a simple black frame

Framed size: 7 x 7"

Torn Corner 1 - Original Painting (framed)