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Hanami is the Japanese custom of enjoying and appreciating flowers, particularly cherry blossoms, for their transient beauty. After blooming, they generally last only 2 weeks at most before they fall. So during this period, people fill the parks day and night to celebrate together under the beautiful trees.  


This is one of a recent series of nature/floral paintings, made as a response to spending so much more time on walks than with groups of people. 🤪 They incorporate my love of linework mixed with abstract washes, plus relevant nature factoids and/or quotes from famous poets.


Flowers are fragile and short-lived, but also infallibly cyclical, which is a comfort. Cherry blossoms, and seasonal flowers in general, remind us to celebrate life, in all its beauty and transience, while we can. 

Hanami - Blank Card

PriceFrom $4.00

    A blank card of my original illustration.  Keep a few on hand for whenever you need to send a handwritten "thanks," "happy birthday," or "hang in there" note!  :) 

    What you'll get:

    • One A2 card (5.5" x 4.25")

    • Blank inside 

    • Giclee-quality - I print and assemble everything, using an Epson printer with archival inks on matte card stock.

    • Paired with a Kraft Envelope

    • Packaged in a clear cello sleeve

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